About Us

Bicycles can bring families and friends together, building life long relationships, memories and enjoying the company of those closest to us. This was the case for me, when I was introduced to the wonderful world of bikes in 1982 when my parents gave me my first bike, a white and red 12" BMX that I learnt to ride in the living room of our home. We lived in Bendigo and the local BMX track just up the road from our house. My Dad would take my older sister and I there to ride on weekends and we also rode our bikes everywhere around our neighbourhood and the surrounding bushland.    








In 1988 at my parents signed me up for my first race where I finished third, my sister had her first race at the next meeting and we were both hooked. Our parents brought us proper race bikes after a few races, I had a Kuwahara and my sister got a brand new Mongoose Mini Californian. Soon we were travelling to race meetings all over the state and my Dad who would ride with us at practice also started to race in the 30-39 year cruiser class. After a couple of years Dad stopped racing and both my parents became involved in the running of our local club. Throughout the 1990's my Dad was president of the club multiple times and head of the track committee. He was also worked as a gate start official at local and open meetings, while my Mum would organise and run the canteen at the club days and local open races.








By the late 90's I'd moved into the Junior Elite class and then onto the Elite/Pro class and was coaching younger riders on a weekly basis as well as helping my Dad with track changes and maintenance. Everything we did together in BMX was as a family, we travelled around the country together, met and became great friends with many others, had a lot of good times and made memories that we look back on very fondly to this day. In early 1999 I stopped racing due to injury and later that year my Mum, Dad, Sister and I were made life members of the Bendigo BMX Club.








Twenty years later and my life still revolves around bikes. Now riding is simply for the pure enjoyment of it, where it can take you and the people you can share that experience with. That’s why we're here, we want to help you enjoy that experience and be able to share it with those closest to you.




Come see us at 66 John Street Pakenham, we'd love to be a part of your cycling experience and will do our best to ensure it is as enjoyable as ours.

Brett Tyack

District Cycle Store Owner